Live Life, Because We All Will Experience Death :-(

Existence, surely, is often a compilation of alternatives that every individual makes to live as contentedly, morally and healthily as you possibly can – or at best just as much as it appears to be probable. Possibly you’ll think about transitioning to gluten-free beer for intestinal tract wellness to commemorate productively finishing your most current Base jump; perhaps you’ll give food to your kids only in the area in which you live sourced dried beans and vegetables carrying out a assessment of the latest motion picture superhero extravaganza of digital explosions and skin-tight leather outfits, the worldwide filming which often brought about climatic change.

Me, I’ll elect to stick around over an prescription antibiotic – and cruelty-free, free-range, qualified organic well-done pork cutlet hoagie in the midst of each day hunched over my mass-produced desk shipped in from Asia within my couch produced mainly of oil wastes, washed in phosphorescent light and inhaling distributed air which could or is probably not overflowing with unknown illnesses.

FatalityDo your very best and you are therefore nonetheless condemned. Do it towards an excessive amount – like, say, consuming more than 50gs of refined beef or 100gs of steak per day – and you are therefore undoubtedly condemned. A specific thing will obliterate you. Every day life is about what occurs prior to that.

Whatever you plan on doing with your life is certainly up to you. Wether you want to prolong your lifetime or shorten it because it brings joy to you personally is up to you and serves to yet again emphasize us that anything that might preserve us and produce pleasure to our own lifestyles only speeds up our unavoidable fatalities.

– Tim Pierce

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