What I Learned In High School.

Growing up from the start, when it came to school I wasn’t really interested into it my whole life. I would say my interest went down the drain once I began middle school and ate the microwavable breakfast sandwiches in the cafeteria each morning. Honestly, I’ve never been diagnosed but I could never pay attention and thought to have some short attention-span problem. Having no interest in something, I’ve learned is something that can hold you back in life at any moment. It would be cool to push my education to further levels I couldn’t even imagine but overall it’s not going to happen for me. So now let’s fast forward to the point where I’m still in high school. Looking back at those times I probably would of dropped out around my sophomore year and just work a part time job If I knew what I did now. School is definitely a great learning tool to possess in your arsenal but as I like to say it’s not necessary! For kids that are spoiled send they ass to school but for those growing up in low income family’s working(legally) is sometimes the better option.EP-140519321

I’m lazy when it comes to waking up and for school is was no different. I don’t have as many fingers as I’ve had times where I would oversleep, get suspended, skip etc when it came to school. Being in high school is like a big social competition and I didn’t care to be part of it, so you know my ass was ready to leave once the time came. Once the time did arrive I left and worked for a year and decided I would go to college the next. It’s actually funny because I hear a lot of kids say the same but end up not even going to college. Well I did, and man it was one hell of an experience and was nothing like high school. Yes it was much more work but I tell yo
u it’s worth it.

To conclude my story school may not be for everybody but man will it teach you somethings like first level education and how to not be completely anti-social when around others or in public. Learn and go to school and you’ll go far in life.

– Tim Pierce

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