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Hello everybody my names Tim, and welcome to my personal blog where I share my life experiences as well as things I may find interesting throughout each day living as it is a blessing to be alive. My intentions when starting this blog is to inspire young and like-minded people as myself to get up and get out to explore the world taking as many risk as you can, because anything is possible. We all been stuck in a position where we wanted change immediately but something kept us in that position. My advice for all is to just do it, whatever you want or think, trust me it is accessible and you can have it! As I write down a few words of wisdom for you I sit here in my comfortable chair at my aunt’s house in Italy. About a year ago I didn’t even know my aunt lived in Italy but with me getting out of the society trap, which is the regular 9-5 working life, I’ve made changes in my life for the better and what better way to explain it than through my blog.

9699178_300x300I graduated college with a mindset of getting a job quick and quickly I found myself at a regular cooperate job that would take me not years, decades to climb up the ladder which is something I’m not willing to do. Mind you this was all about a year ago when I was living check to check out of college with barely enough money for gas. It sucked and I wanted a change after about a year working. So the question many ask when I tell them this story is, so how did you get the money to escape. Well the money part is hard for many and it was no different for me years ago and guess what I still budget to this day. I work odd jobs but I travel the world and it’s well worth it trust me.

throughout this blog I will share my life experiences and sometimes I may not summarize my tales to the greatest of my capabilities, but don’t you worry as I will share some of the most motivational and inspirational stories for you to take chances in life so you will have stories to tell also. With that being said stay tuned to my personal blog as I will post some good content for you all!

– Tim Pierce

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