Live Life, Because We All Will Experience Death :-(

Existence, surely, is often a compilation of alternatives that every individual makes to live as contentedly, morally and healthily as you possibly can – or at best just as much as it appears to be probable. Possibly you’ll think about transitioning to gluten-free beer for intestinal tract wellness to commemorate productively finishing your most current Base jump; perhaps you’ll give food to your kids only in the area in which you live sourced dried beans and vegetables carrying out a assessment of the latest motion picture superhero extravaganza of digital explosions and skin-tight leather outfits, the worldwide filming which often brought about climatic change.

Me, I’ll elect to stick around over an prescription antibiotic – and cruelty-free, free-range, qualified organic well-done pork cutlet hoagie in the midst of each day hunched over my mass-produced desk shipped in from Asia within my couch produced mainly of oil wastes, washed in phosphorescent light and inhaling distributed air which could or is probably not overflowing with unknown illnesses.

FatalityDo your very best and you are therefore nonetheless condemned. Do it towards an excessive amount – like, say, consuming more than 50gs of refined beef or 100gs of steak per day – and you are therefore undoubtedly condemned. A specific thing will obliterate you. Every day life is about what occurs prior to that.

Whatever you plan on doing with your life is certainly up to you. Wether you want to prolong your lifetime or shorten it because it brings joy to you personally is up to you and serves to yet again emphasize us that anything that might preserve us and produce pleasure to our own lifestyles only speeds up our unavoidable fatalities.

– Tim Pierce

My Experience With the Mini Segway Hoverboards.

The trend for 2015 and the holiday season was undeniably the mini segway hoverboard that was for sale worldwide. You were hearing news everywhere about the next big thing that advanced technology in a whole another direction. I first noticed this hoverboard when one of my friends when I was visiting back home was riding it going in circles around me. It honestly looked like a cool and unique gadget that I instantly wanted to try once I seen how fast it went for something so little. As my friend gave me warnings about how I can fall easily, with even a little tumblr_nz5em4egiB1ugkopto1_1280movement which can abruptly knock me off to the ground. I got on and leaned forward, then the mini segway went forward. I was amazed and it didn’t take me long to get used to it as I’ve surfed and skateboarded almost all my life. I was suddenly going 10-15 mph on a little toy I thought was just for kids, man lifes weird.

After a few try’s and my friend letting me utilize it over the weekend whenever I wanted to, I learned and began doing advanced stuff with the hoverboard in a span of 48 hours. After my weekend spent back at home I wanted to travel around New york so I decided why not order one and use it on my adventure through the busy streets of NY. After about to days I received my mini segway from and was on my way to Ny the next day. As I walked into the airport I decided why not cruise my way through the airport, as it will help me get around much faster. I think I was the only one in the airport at that moment with the hoverboard so everyone was looking and staring at me in amazement, and don’t get me wrong I was amazed too! It got me through the airpot instantly and I was on my way to the big apple.

I spent a whole week in New York and it was a good experience, it wasn’t my first time there but it was my first time using a gadget that many others didn’t have at the time because it wasn’t christmas yet. Before the holidays you really didn’t see many other people on it, but once riding around Ny with it I saw a total of 8 people also having the time of their life with this unique gadget. Me and a group of people that I asked “wanna race” had a little segway marathon and boy was it fun. While I was in New York for my last two days the NYPD decided to add a law which legalized the act of riding one of these interesting mini segway hoverboards with no handles. It was weird and I didn’t dare take mines to the street after I heard the news. I was devastated and felt kind of naked and back to normal having to walk everywhere which took more time then the hoverboard, I couldn’t wait to get back home to have fun with it. Weeks passed and I started hearing more and more news about hoverboards blowing up or camaxresdefaulttching on fire, which was weird because I had mine for about 2 months and none of these problems occured. I later figured out that people were buying cheap “knock-off” brands which consisted of cheap lithium batterys that would catch on fire easily. I’ve learned early in life to never short cut paying the price for something your going to use as you might spend more money buying upgrades then just buying the best or actual thing, glad I learned that. All in all I don’t use my segway hoverboard as much as I like to travel and want to have as little as items as possible. I still see people riding them and can’t wait to see what the future holds for upgraded gadgets like the mini segway!

– Tim Pierce

What I Learned In High School.

Growing up from the start, when it came to school I wasn’t really interested into it my whole life. I would say my interest went down the drain once I began middle school and ate the microwavable breakfast sandwiches in the cafeteria each morning. Honestly, I’ve never been diagnosed but I could never pay attention and thought to have some short attention-span problem. Having no interest in something, I’ve learned is something that can hold you back in life at any moment. It would be cool to push my education to further levels I couldn’t even imagine but overall it’s not going to happen for me. So now let’s fast forward to the point where I’m still in high school. Looking back at those times I probably would of dropped out around my sophomore year and just work a part time job If I knew what I did now. School is definitely a great learning tool to possess in your arsenal but as I like to say it’s not necessary! For kids that are spoiled send they ass to school but for those growing up in low income family’s working(legally) is sometimes the better option.EP-140519321

I’m lazy when it comes to waking up and for school is was no different. I don’t have as many fingers as I’ve had times where I would oversleep, get suspended, skip etc when it came to school. Being in high school is like a big social competition and I didn’t care to be part of it, so you know my ass was ready to leave once the time came. Once the time did arrive I left and worked for a year and decided I would go to college the next. It’s actually funny because I hear a lot of kids say the same but end up not even going to college. Well I did, and man it was one hell of an experience and was nothing like high school. Yes it was much more work but I tell yo
u it’s worth it.

To conclude my story school may not be for everybody but man will it teach you somethings like first level education and how to not be completely anti-social when around others or in public. Learn and go to school and you’ll go far in life.

– Tim Pierce

Welcome To My Blog!!!!

Hello everybody my names Tim, and welcome to my personal blog where I share my life experiences as well as things I may find interesting throughout each day living as it is a blessing to be alive. My intentions when starting this blog is to inspire young and like-minded people as myself to get up and get out to explore the world taking as many risk as you can, because anything is possible. We all been stuck in a position where we wanted change immediately but something kept us in that position. My advice for all is to just do it, whatever you want or think, trust me it is accessible and you can have it! As I write down a few words of wisdom for you I sit here in my comfortable chair at my aunt’s house in Italy. About a year ago I didn’t even know my aunt lived in Italy but with me getting out of the society trap, which is the regular 9-5 working life, I’ve made changes in my life for the better and what better way to explain it than through my blog.

9699178_300x300I graduated college with a mindset of getting a job quick and quickly I found myself at a regular cooperate job that would take me not years, decades to climb up the ladder which is something I’m not willing to do. Mind you this was all about a year ago when I was living check to check out of college with barely enough money for gas. It sucked and I wanted a change after about a year working. So the question many ask when I tell them this story is, so how did you get the money to escape. Well the money part is hard for many and it was no different for me years ago and guess what I still budget to this day. I work odd jobs but I travel the world and it’s well worth it trust me.

throughout this blog I will share my life experiences and sometimes I may not summarize my tales to the greatest of my capabilities, but don’t you worry as I will share some of the most motivational and inspirational stories for you to take chances in life so you will have stories to tell also. With that being said stay tuned to my personal blog as I will post some good content for you all!

– Tim Pierce